M-EAD Academy is to develop and shape a learning strategy based on our company’s business and talent strategies. It will play an important role in the effectiveness of Manjilas and to the experiences of Double Horsians.

Why M-LEAD Academy


The main objectives of M-LEAD Academy

  • Increase¬†Productivity
  • Quality¬†improvement
  • Industrial¬†safety
  • Reduction¬†of¬†learning¬†time
  • Ability¬†to¬†maintain¬†an¬†effective¬†management¬†team

The 5 key areas of M-LEAD Academy

  • Attract¬†and¬†retain¬†talent
  • Motivate¬†and¬†engage¬†employees
  • Build¬†an¬†employer¬†brand
  • Create¬†a¬†value-based¬†culture¬†in¬†organization
  • Develop¬†people¬†capabilities

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