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Pioneering A Revolution Called Good Food.

Manjilas - Mother brand of Double Horse

Good food, for all. The thought inspired our Founder, respected Late M. O. John – a visionary, a humanitarian and a businessman whose ideas ere way of ahead of times. The Founder General Secretary of Kerala Vyapara Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi, the largest organization of business owners in Kerala and the President of Chamber of Commerce, Thrissur, his entrepreneurial skills made him a leader of his times, and his brand –the leader for more than 59 years. Manjilas, the mother brand of Double Horse, was founded in the year 1959, as a rice milling company selling high-quality rice grains. The brand, on the strength of its commitment to deliver only the best to its customers have witnessed a phenomenal growth over the years. It revolutionized the food sector in Kerala becoming the first ISO 9001:2000 certified Rice Mill in the state and the first food brand to introduce sortex rice, stoneless rice and colour grading. Inspired by the support of its customers and foreseeing the potential for traditional food that’s made easy to suit today’s busy, modern lifestyle, Manjilas Double Horse started introducing products- from rice powders- breakfast mixes to instant mixes, wheat products, curry powders and condiments made using ‘Perfect Blend technology’, naturally preserved pickles, health foods, ready- to-cook & ready-to-eat products, traditional preserves, coconut products and more; and is dedicatedly developing new and innovative product ranges, to keep up with its promise to deliver good food and in turn, inculcate a healthy eating habit. Today, Manjilas Double Horse offers its customers the widest variety of good food with more than 20 superior types of rice and 250 premium quality food products in different ranges.

Our Journey

From Chairman’s Desk

Mr. Vinod Manjila


I consider it a great honour to mantle the Chairmanship of this great Organization that has a legacy of 60 years. This is the Only family owned food company in Kerala with such a rich legacy.

From CEO’s desk

Dr. Sanjai George


Let’s have unwavering focus on our Vision, Mission and ‘walk the talk’ with our values to achieve excellence, success will surely follow!!!

Our Vision

To be a leading, trusted food brand that stays true to its core values, delivering products that constantly set new benchmarks.

Our Mission

Work seamlessly towards our goal through innovation,  sustained customer satisfaction and giving back  to the society through social upliftment.

We Value

Integrity : Being ethical, reliable and transparent in work
Innovation : New thoughts and processes as a way of life.
Passion : Zeal in performance while delivering the finest results
Synergy : Synchronization and coordination in all spheres of action.

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We’re well covered

We’re a social company

Dear Double Horesians,
I consider it a great honour to mantle the Chairmanship of this great Organization that has a legacy of 60 years. This is the Only family owned food company in Kerala with such a rich legacy. Today, Manjilas is going through its crucial phase of 100% professionalization. This is the phase, wherein we are moving from a family business to a business family. We are happy to hand over the reins of our organization to our new CEO Dr. Sanjai George. He is a transformational leader with great inter-personal skills and vast experience with leading organizations within and outside India.
Our founder Shri M.O.John had a humble beginning from the Rice bazaar of Thrissur .He considered this food business “ Sacred ”and had a holistic approach to it. He believed that, in food business, we are the custodians of the health of the society. So great care is taken to see that the products we produce are ‘Healthy & Hygenic’. As a commitment to this ethos , we have taken a stand that Double Horse products will be free from artificial colours, flavours and MSG.
Innovation, was our founder’s forte. He believed in doing things differently ; whether it be products ,processes or marketing. He had an eye for technology and as a result Manjilas was the first rice mill in South India to import Sortex machine from Buhler Germany way back in 1998. As we move forward let these values and deeds be our guiding spirit.
I believe, the next 60 years are going to be of the next Gen. It is going to be an era of innovation & disruption. The success of Double horse will depend on how we align our organization towards this. We should position this organization where young minds with aspirational talent can come and create great things.
So dear Double Horesians, as we get ready for this quantum leap, let us strive to make this organization a
“Leading Trusted Food Brand ”.



Let’s have unwavering focus on our Vision, Mission and ‘walk the talk’ with our values to achieve excellence, success will surely follow!!!

Dear Double Horsians,
Globally, we the non-world war Generations are going through the most Tumultuous & Turbulent phase as humans with Corona and its consequences. Never ever we thought even in our wildest dreams that Countries will go for lock downs, ‘Face masks’ becoming part of our attire, Social distancing as the new norm and so on…
According to me, the most important realisation in this pandemic situation was the entire human race’s adaptability to any challenging situations. We have all subconsciously adjusted to the new baffling demands and strived each moment to find Opportunity in the most adverse & tough Situations. As Double Horsians, we are all lucky to be part of Food Industry that was affected the least relatively.
As always, we Double Horsians bugged the last FY’s Universal Trend. When others were laying-off people, we recruited new Employees, introduced new concepts and kept ourselves alive with TRB, GKM, VIMIVA, Breaking the Barrier etc., When the entire world was struggling to cope-up with the ‘new normal’, probably we were the first ones in Kerala to operate our Offices & Plants in full capacity. There were so many examples that can be quoted but the Bottom line is ‘Double Horsians proved their Mettle by successfully overcoming all Challenges with Grit & Resolve’.
In this fast-paced world, we do not find time to invest upon our own-selves and least for others. A person who works for his/her own self was not committing a crime but if this person is in a leadership role, then he/she is unfit as a Leader. During these troubling times, Let’s remember the value of being LEADERS and be the Facilitator for positive change.
A Leader is not measured by the number of followers but for :
  • Imparting Knowledge
  • Initiating Change & Being the change
  • Influencing positively the life of people around him
  • Inspiring others and paving the path for more Leaders
The calling for a true Leader is the determination to be the catalyst in new innovations and implementations, an untiring Exuberance, a genuine contribution in people’s lives that is remembered forever!!!
Let’s wake-up the Leaders in each one of us and effect positive changes in our own lives as well as others around us. Let’s successfully break the barriers & make our own unique path, Let’s put real efforts and prove our valor, Let’s become the real ‘Leader that create more Leaders’.
As a proud Double Horsian, I hereby pledge that:
  • I will be the beacon of our Values
  • I will drive Organisational Goals with utmost exuberance & elan
  • I will be Positive at all times to seek Opportunity in Adversity
  • I will be proactively planning to avoid Surprises
  • I will ensure cost optimisation
  • I will be the catalyst and leader in achieving
Let’s DO IT!!!
Dr. Sanjai George

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